Water Flow Monitor and Flood Protection


SenseQ’s water flow detects any leak, major or small, caused by running toilet tanks, a faulty water heater or a leaking appliance such as a dishwasher or a washing machine.  It is sensitive enough to even track a faucet dripping slightly but steadily. Our system alerts you when attention is required and allows you to turn off the main water shut off valve remotely before a leak turns into a major damage. 

Have you ever wondered why your water bill is too high? SenseQ provides homeowners with accurate statistics of their water consumption and allows you to be in a better position to conserve water and save money.

SenseQ’s solution relies on the simple principle that homeowners should not need to worry about water damage when they are away. Be notified at any time and from anywhere and enjoy peace of mind that the valve can be shut off remotely from your phone.