Sump Pump Monitor and Maintenance


Water is a threat to any house. By-laws require all new houses to be equipped with sump-pumps to channel the excess water out to a drainage system. However sump-pumps can fail when most needed.

SenseQ’s unique solution relies on the simple principle that homeowners should not need to worry about their sump pump. Shift the responsibility to us to look after any problem identified and be at ease that things are going to be looked after even when you are away.

SenseQ sump pump monitor constantly senses the water level in your sump pit and the condition of your backup battery. Our analytics engine learns your sump pump 24/7. It detects early signs of malfunction and warns you when repair or maintenance is required.

Access all information and alerts related to your sump pump from anywhere at any time on our SenseQ Homes app available for iOS and Android and enjoy peace of mind knowing the system triggers an immediate maintenance request to one of our certified technicians.

Your home is your biggest investment. Let’s protect it.

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