our solution

Smart, wireless sensors located throughout the house connected to a cloud-based machine learning platform that continuously applies advanced pattern recognition capabilities to signals recorded from the residence, in real time.

SenseQ Care doesn’t just monitor day-to-day activities of the senior- it learns them, provides status updates and generates alerts upon deviation from a learned routine.

SenseQ Care understands and respects the senior’s privacy. There are no cameras involved. All activity is monitored and invisibly unobtrusively allowing the senior to conduct their routines in their way.

One solution for many scenarios
SenseQ works in any care scenario, whether it be living at home independently or with care provided by family or within a larger retirement or elderly facility.

SenseQ technology can assist caregiving organizations to improve and optimize their business to achieve higher efficiencies, customer loyalty and satisfaction

The adoption of SenseQ by care service providers can quickly become a competitive edge.