SenseQ provides end-to-end solutions from smart sensor-circuit-boards all the way through to data analytics and everything in between. Our infrastructure is developed and built from the ground up to easily adapt to the customer’s unique requirements

SenseQ offers the Best Practice of prediction and prevention. We use our pluggable technology, smart sensors and advanced software analytics to:

Improve people’s day to day lives
Improve quality and efficiency
Provide 24/7 data collection learning

SenseQ’s founders have deep engineering backgrounds and outstanding business experience in running technology and global companies. We have the in-house knowledge and capabilities to design and build all types of sensors electronics and the software around it.

Executive Team

YOS SHIRAN, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Yos has extensive experience in the management of international public companies in different fields, with a track record of value creation through innovation, differentiation strategy and strong execution. For more than 20 years Yos served as the CEO of various public companies traded on the Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE and TASE. The last public company he managed until 2016 was Caesarstone, which he led to become a world leader in its industry. Yos has also been involved in different tech and medical start ups as entrepreneur, co-founder, investor and director. Yos holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering and Information Systems from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

ILAN TSAFNAT, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Ilan leads the company’s technology direction and vision. His deep knowledge and experience in cloud computing, software architecture and communications is instrumental to the company’s success.
Prior to joining SenseQ Ilan founded Team Technologies Inc., an IT consulting company in Toronto Canada. He served as the president and CEO for twenty years.
Ilan holds a BSc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Information Systems from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Professor ZOHAR YAKHINI,  Chief Scientist

Zohar is the inventor of twelve issued US patents and has a publication h-index of 40. He has active industry consulting and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) roles in biotechnology and data science. He  holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Stanford University.  Professor Yakhini is an expert in the applications of statistics and data science in molecular biology and in other domains. His research group developed data analysis methods for generation microarray technology by Agilent Technologies, including supporting the company’s commercially successful array CGH technology. The group also developed advanced statistical methods to analyze ranked lists as employed for example in the popular analysis tool GOrilla.

Professor EREZ ETZION, Chairman of the board of advisors 

Erez is a fundamental experimental researcher in High Energy Physics. He holds a PhD in Particle Physics from Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Erez is chairing the Tel Aviv University Particle Physics Department and is an Executive Board member of the ATLAS Large Hadron Collider Experiment (CERN, Geneva). His main research focus is understanding of the Higgs boson properties and searching for physics beyond the Standard Model (extra dimensions, mini black holes, dark matter) utilizing Artificial Neural Networks and Boosted Decision Tree tools. In addition, Erez works on the development of particle and radiation detectors in various technologies including the ATLAS muon trigger system, a novel plasma-panel-based technology sensors, underground dark matter search, large surface experiment searching for long lived particles, and nano satellite based study of space radiation.